AngelWingz Academy is where the Powder Puff Girlz actually met. The first day Mackenzie Heart, Zoey Heart and Michelle Heart arrived they met Augusta Peterson,Kitsune Peterson, Julyza Owens and Angel Neko. AngelWingz is all about sports, fun and kids and teens with magic powers (the powderpuffgirlz) and others like Molly Sherwood, Shadow Martin and Sarah Weston.

Student and Teacher RoleEdit

Princepal: Haruna Shiryou

Teachers: Tyshima Suzuki

Ali Fugimoto

Tsukasa Mimiko

Kaoru Honda

Sakira Hayami

Akita Sinura

Alec Anderson

Kito Shura

Takuna Zuna


Xavier Tandra

Zoey Heart

Molly Sherwood

Shadow Martin

Alex Timbers

Shira Shinzu

Skyler Kitori

Mayoko Tamika

Kimeko Miyamoto

Tyler Yoshida

Kalli Kitty

Maddi Tamika

Megan Marshall

Skailer and Sabrina

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