Angel Neko
Angel Neko colored no bg
Full Name Angel Marcia Neko
Birth date April 15
Age 11
Power Sky
Eye color Yellow
Personality Practical joker and silly
Siblings Cyanne and Toby
Birth place Phoenix, Arizona
Japanese Name Kyou

Angel Neko is a teenage cat-girl, born on April 15. 1999.

She has medium blue colored hair with light blue hightlights her favorite color is indigo. She attends AngelWingz Academy with Zoe, Mackenzie and Michelle.

She can control the sky and with Michelle and Topaz Michaels she can create a violent electrical strom that can take out multiple enemies at once.


She wears a pink and black colored shirt that says "Strawberry berry cute" black and pink high tops, a blue bow and a black skirt with a pink cat paw on it.



Angel lived in Phoenix, Arizona then, at the age 7 her and her family moved to Tokyo, Japan where she met Zoe, Mackenzie and Michelle