Arica Addams
Full Name Arica Macy Addams
Birth date September 5
Age 17
Power Fire Wolves
Eye color Red
Hair color Deep pink
Personality Tomboyish, mean, careless, hot-blooded, and aggressive
Siblings Zayna and Killara
Birth place Tokyo, Japan
Japanese Name Atsuko

Arica Addams was born September 5

Biological name and current nameEdit

The name "Zap" is not her real name, her real name Arica. Arica Macy Addams.


Her real personality is sweet, practical joker and loves playing with dolls (mosty Hello Kitty and My Melody). Arica is not only girly girl/lil' miss goth but also a great fashion designer. When she turned 16 she refused to take her parents name and later only wanted to be called Arica or Zap.