Dark Enjeru or (Dark Angel) is a double of Angel. A dark blood thirsty kitten who enjoys violence and hurting others, unlike Angel Neko, the light, sweet side. After being freed by Dark Zoey she takes the form of a 18 year old teen pop star named Miyoko Himashi where she sell over 1,900 copies of her CD "Dark Heartz Released" and 4,000 copies of "Bloodthirsty World". The Powder Puff Girlz fall for Miyoko and start buying her albums, little did they know there were hypnotizing chips inside the CDs that woulld put them to sleep and turn them into brainwashed teens who would distroy the city. Luckily Princess, Anrisa Matthews, Topaz Michaels, Augusta and Alex Timbers did not fall for the trap.


Dark Enjeru wears all black with yellow on the trim. Instead of a blue bow like Angel does, she has a gold earring in one ear. She's totally gothic, she wears a big puffy black dress, black boots with a little red stripe going down the sides. For a weapon Enjeru has a 4ft. long sythe that has a razor sharp blade.


Enjeru goes by many names like, "Demon Kitten", "Demon of Hell" and "Cat of Death". She loves it when her frightened peers call her that.


Love interestsEdit

Enjeru's weakness is that she has a crush on a 17 year old boy named Jhase Markenson older brother of Sadie Markenson. In her Miyoko form she's one year older than Jhase but in normal form she's only 13. Her love interests for Jhase have completely ticked off the other girls, so much so that they set up plans to break apart, which never works.

Daily lifeEdit

Enjeru also has many weaknesses through everyday life, for example, she breaks down into tears when she sees a child who's lost, then she ends up helping to find the parents. She hates seeing homeless strays roaming the streets. She can't study in class because every time they have