Julyza Owens
Full Name Julyza Hannah Owens
Birth date July 4
Age 12
Power Dinosaurs
Eye color Violet
Personality "Dino-rific and Tomboyish
Siblings Jewel Owens, Layla Owens, Caleb Owens, Christopher Owens and Matttew Owens
Birth place Wales
Japanese Name Hikari

Julyza Owens is a 11yearsold who has a golden bell on her wrist that summons dinosaurs for battles. She loves chocolate, going to the mall with friends and candy but hates pineapple and family reunions, she always gets pick on by her older cousins until she got her bell then she started picking on them.

Julyza's sisters Jewel Owens and Layla Owens and her three brothers Caleb Owens, Christopher Owens andMatthew Owens think that she is the coolest older/younger sister ever which she didn't really believe.


Julyza wears a lilac kimono shirt, a lavender ruffle skirt and violet colored heelies.

School outfitEdit

Julyza wears blue shirt and purple


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