Mackenzie Heart
Mackenzie Heart
Full Name Mackenzie Trinity Heart
Birth date January 16
Age 13
Power Water
Eye color Blue
Personality Silly and clumsy
Siblings Zoey Heart and Michelle Heart
Birth place Colorado, USA
Japanese Name Fumiko

Mackenie Heart is a 13yearold who was born when her family was vacationing in the U.S. but was raised in Tokyo, Japan. She goes to AngelWingz Academy.

Mackenzie loves games especially checkers and chutes and ladders. She's a Golden Girl at AngelWingz Academy. She and Michelle are both golden girlz while Zoey is a cheerleader. During school she would sneek notes to her sisters that say, "Boring" or if it's for Zoey, "Do you still like Zack or do you like Skyler" (that made Zoey embarrassed and blush) and she's never been caught. Living in Japan is pretty fun for the twins and Mackenzie.


Mackenzie loves to dress up in different clothes and costumes like Shugo Chara, Pretty Cure and Mew Mew Power.

School outfitEdit

Mackenzie wears a yellow shirt with a blue vest over it and a blue ruffled skirt and blue and yellow sneakers.



Mickenzie was raised in Tokyo, Japan. Her parents and older siblings loved and took care of her. When she turned 6 she was presented with her own Element Disk in which she would be able to master her powers

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