Molly Sherwood
Molly Sherwood no bg
Full Name Molly Sherwood
Birth date September 5
Age 14
Power TBD
Eye color Purple
Hair color White
Personality Sweet, overly excitable, tomboy, bossy (according to her brother), and air headed
Siblings Natsuku Sherwood (older brother)
Birth place Tokyo, Japan
Japanese Name N/A

Molly Sherwood is a 14 year old girl who has a white hair and loves to dress like a boy despite having very long hair she wears boy shorts boy shoes and even boy shirts

Molly goes to AngelWingz Academy where she met Zoey Heart and became great friends.



Molly wears a headband with a bunny head on it, a whte kimono shirt with purple diaginal stripes on it, white skirt also with diaginal stripes. Knee high boots with purple platform bottoms (DazzlePuffGirlz transformation)

School OutfitEdit



Molly was born in Tokyo May 12. She lives with her mom Xiomara Sherwood and her dad Trevor Sherwood. Molly loves to be a golden girl at AW she also loves to be on tour with her mom